IQI 中文部落格,是我获得这份工作的缘起,也是我15个月以来的core task。
下面是今年11月份的流量 Pv,对比去年11月同期,增长率是1097% (一千多啊(⊙o⊙)
谢谢 Jasmine,我最坚实的可靠的伙伴,陪我摸出马来西亚中文SEO、content funnel等门道。
谢谢 Kevin ,我最强力的IT support,陪我实现奇奇怪怪的文章创意。
谢谢Charice and Azzam,我最厉害的设计团队,文章吸睛的图全靠他们。
谢谢我的Manager Nowrid and boss Nabeel ,因为他们全然信任,从不质疑我的内容选择。
IQI Chinese Blog, the reason that I get hired. And also the core task for the previous 15 months.
As data, the Chinese blog pageview YoY for November this year, increased 1097%.
If compared the UPV, is 1133%。
What the amazing result we have.
For sure i am proud of myself . Because the whole blog running by me, I am the one that planning the content, writing the content, and improve it.
That is also because i am in the Right time, Right place with the Right team, we did it.

Thank you to

Jasmine Yap

that always support me whenever I need, helping me in the journey exploring Msia Chinese SEO and content funnel, you are the best.

Thank you to @kevin that support me on the backend and IT, he always accepts whatever crazy ideas that I have for the articles and help to achieve it.

Thank you to @charice and

Abdullah Keyrana

, my best graphic support team.

And yes, thank you to my manager

Nowrid Amin

and boss @nabeel that giving a ton of trust to me!

Yes we did it and we are super amazing👏