“AI and Copywriting, how are they related?”
I am so proud to be a speaker in ADAPT 2021 to share my opinion on this topic.

And also proud to be a core team member leading this fantastic worldwide event– ADAPT 2021, and we have a total reach of 1,339,831 people. It is ONE Million!

May be an image of text that says '#ADAPT INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION 2021 VIRTUAL PO Juwa IQI DAY 0I TOTAL REACH. TO DAY 04 1,339,831 TOTAL VIEWS. 475,869 323, TOTAL MINUTES WATCHED. (5391.5-OURS) 6COUNTRIES COUNTRIES WE HAVE REACHED. China, Vietnam, Philippines Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Canada, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand'
Thank you, Juwai IQI, for providing an opportunity, and now I have a “One Million” milestone =P

If you want to rewatch my sharing, click the below video.

-Brief about Copywriting
-AI in Copywriting
-Pros and Cons of AI copywriter

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